Follow the steps below to submit to the Public Art Archive™

Less than 20: Go to the call on CaFE to submit one application per work.

More than 20: Download your own Import Template and focus on the Nutshell worksheet.

  1. Collect: Complete all required fields.
  2. Format: Organize your related media files on your computer.
    •    Images: jpg format, 2Mb-4Mb maximum file size, minimum 1024 pixels, maximum 1920 pixels
    •    Documents: 2Mb maximum file size
    •    Audio: 2Mb maximum file size, 2 minutes maximum duration
    •    Video: 5Mb maximum file size, around 2 minutes in duration

  3. Send: Send the Import Template to for verification and further instructions.
  4. Submit: Complete the Collection Submission Form. Record the number of artworks and media files you are submitting and your transfer method (Hightail, FileZilla, DropBox or Google Drive). Send your Import Template and all media in one folder.

Edit existing records in the Public Art Archive™

Send an email to with the title of artwork, text currently displayed, and preferred replacement text.

For additions, simply send what text or images you would like to add. Substantive edits may require approval from Collection Manager.

Showcase Your Collection!
Once your collection is in the database, you may choose to subscribe to the Collection Showcase feature. Click here to learn more.

Import Resources

Post-Import Resources

  • What is a Collection Showcase page and how does it work. Find out here.
  • Graphics to use on your website to link your visitors to your Showcase in the PAA.
  • Follow @PAArchive on Twitter and Like Public Art Archive on Facebook. Include those handles in your posts about your showcase.
  • Sign up for the PAArtners newsletter to stay in-the-know as the project grows.
  • More information on Fair Use from the College Art Association (CAA).
  • Looking for more public art resources? Check out Americans for the Arts' Public Art Resource Center (PARC) to learn more.

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