The benefits of contributing to the PAA
  • Get found with free online & mobile access to your public art collection.
  • Contribute to and learn from a growing international database.
  • Strengthen the network of the public art community.
How does this enrich the public's experience with my public art collection?
The site accepts videos, audio files, documents and supplementary images that can be used to teach more about the artist and their intention, the construction, and the background on placement of the work.
Will it expand the public's use of my public art collection?
The public and cultural tourists can go online and find the artworks, compare them to others, put them in a larger context and map them for tours. The free mobile site readily provides all of this information where the artwork is situated.
Can this save my organization money?
There is no need to waste thousands of dollars building a separate suite of sites. For no cost, public art organizations can add their collections to this highly searchable database which includes the added benefit of a free mobile site.
How can I make my organization's public art collection better known?
When your public art collection is in the Archive, it is readily found by people around the world who are interested in public art. Connect with the public through your art, online, in a way that is intuitive for them.
How will this help me more effectively manage public art selection processes?
A key part of every selection process is the orientation and education of panelists. With the Archive, panel administrators can find even the most obscure type of public art and arrange it for showing to a citizen advisory panel.
The Statistics

Adding your collection is FREE and easy for managers and artists. If you have fewer than 20 artworks, please go to CaFE. If you would like to add more than 20 artworks, complete the form below to begin.

Basic Registration
  • Included in search results
  • Full Google maps features
  • Mobile access
  • Staff support
$750 annually
  • Includes the Basic Registration plus:
  • Searching within your collection
  • Google map of your collection
  • Customizable page with URL
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